Subject: Sweet Salticidae?
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
August 17, 2014 9:04 am
It was such a treat to find this sweet little guy the other day because they are not easy to come by. Salticidae are my favourite spiders and I am grateful to this little one being so cooperative. I can’t seem to find who his is, though. Hopefully you can help me out.
Signature: Vanessa – Photographer and friend of all spiders.

Jumping Spider

Jumping Spider

Hi Vanessa – Photographer and friend of all spiders,
We will attempt to identify your Jumping Spider at a later point in time.  We believe this is a male and he has beautiful eyelashes.

Jumping Spider

Jumping Spider

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

7 Responses to Jumping Spider from Canada

  1. Vanessa says:

    Thank you! I will be interested in what you find out. We have a number of Salticidae in Ontario but I have never come across one with these impressive markings before. He was also larger than most that I meet – probably close to 2cm. He was so curious of the camera and so chocked full of personality. I just adore them and wish I met more of them.

  2. says:

    Even though the color of your guy is more neutral-toned, the abdominal and leg markings/designs seem to duplicate my brown/tan Platycryptus undatus. Could this just be a variation in color and/or gender? Could the facial color vary according to age and/or gender?

  3. Barbara Thurlow says: was correct. This is an adult female Platycryptus undatus. They have white faces, unlike the male’s orange face. The palps look fatter than they actually are because they are “fluffy”. That’s all hair.

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