Jumping Spider associated with Christmas Tree

Subject: Bugs on the ceiling above the Christmas Tree
Location: BC, Canada
December 11, 2016 10:36 am
We live in the Pacific Northwest. We cut our tree down a week ago. Today we woke up to 8 of these guys all on the ceiling in close proximity to the tree. Did they come from the tree? If so what are they and what do we do abou it? Thank you
Signature: Alison

Jumping Spider
Jumping Spider

Dear Alison,
Though theoretically, after cutting a tree it is no longer alive, we still feel comfortable stating whenever living plants are brought indoors, be they Christmas trees, fresh fruits and vegetables, or flowers cut from the garden, chances are quite good you will transport insects, arthropods or other small creatures with the plants.  Your visitor appears to have 8 legs, and we suspect it is a harmless Jumping Spider that was probably quite content searching for prey on the living tree, though it is now quite confused to find itself in a relatively prey-free environment.

Thank you. Was very worried when there was suddenly 8 that we had a bigger problem! Thanks so much.

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