Jumping Spider

Hairy Black Spider With Fluorescent Green Fangs!
Hellloooooo, Bugman!
This tiny but scary looking black spider with green fangs lunged at me while I was taking it’s picture. It isn’t that big, I’d say about the size of a dime. I found it under a foam swimming pool raft that was hanging over my fence. I live in Northern NJ and I haven’t seen many spiders like this in the area. I’m guessing it’s a jumping spider based on it’s size and the fact that it JUMPED at me!!! Our first child is on his/her way; do I need to worry about this spider being poisonous?
Cool site, keep it up!
p.s., I have high-res (3MP) photos if you want them!

Hi Pete,
Thanks for the beautiful photos of a Jumping Spider from the family Salticidae. This is a large family. The spiders are generally small, hairy and often iridescent or brightly colored. They do not build webs, but leap at their prey. Your action photo is awesome. Perhaps your spider thought you were a fly. There are reports of bites, but they are mild. With infants, though, the bite could be more serious. Spiders are not inclined to bite though unless provoked. Thank you for the offer of higher resolution photos, but we generally post very low resolution images to keep the download time on the site more manageable. Also, thank you for the compliments.

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  1. thats not entirely true about the web, i have a spider exactly like that in a cup and it formed a web all over the inside. the green fangs are awesome.

    • Dear lordvimless,
      Thanks for your comment. This posting is nearly 7 years old, and as we have stated numerous times, we do not have backgrounds in entomology or science, but rather, we are artists who have an interest in promoting appreciation of the lower beasts. We have learned much in the seven years since this posting first went live on the internet. We would now qualify that response to read that they do not build webs to snare their prey. Jumping Spiders like all spiders are able to spin silk, but their silk is not used to build a web to trap insects and other prey. They may construct shelters from silk as well as spinning silken egg sacs.

  2. I live in Portland Oregonand I first saw this type of spider about 10 years ago it was have white on its back with fluorescent emerald green fangs.I recently found another type of these species with emerald green fangs.only it had rust colored fuzz on its backand on the side of its fangs


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