Jumping Spider

Creepy Bug, Spider, Tick, Ant?
Location: Bethesda, MD
September 24, 2011 2:52 pm
Dear Bugman,
First of all, my fiancee makes fun of me for loving your website…silly him, when he sees what you can do!
We just bought a house in Maryland, and have been finding these bugs on our walls every few days. They are tiny, fast, and look like they would bite (humans, pets, plants?) I love bugs and took an entomology class in college, but am totally stumped. I can’t tell if it has 8 legs or if the front pair is something other than legs. I tried flushing one down the toilet and when I dumped it in, it was suddenly hanging from a string…so it seems probable that it is a spider (does that violate WTB rules?). I’m hoping you can help…
Signature: I love *most* bugs, but not this one!

Jumping Spider

Dear Ilmb,bnto,
This is some species of Jumping Spider, but there is not enough detail for us to discern with certainty the species.  There are several possibilities in the subfamily Dendryphantinae that look similar based on photos posted to BugGuide.  Jumping Spider are not harmful to humans.  While we cannot force you to love things, we can encourage you to be more tolerant with these magnificent hunter that will keep flies and other unwanted insects from your house.

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  1. Hello! My girlfriend and I have a rather large version of a jumping spider that hangs out around our window. Not a mutant by any means but we are under the impression that it eats other spiders and will not be harmful to us. I do not have a photo but I live in the western new york area.

    The spider: about the size of a quarter ( maybe 1/5th smaller diameter) blackish with hulk arms and as mentioned before, a jumper. Are there such things as anti-spider spiders?


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