Jumping Spider

Spider with blue fangs!!
Here are 2 photos of a spider we found in our backyard. We are in Vacaville, CA (northern). One of the pics shows it’s turquoise fangs and the other shows it’s back. It’s about 3/4 of an inch long. Can you identify it? THANKS!

Hi Robin,
This is a Jumping Spider in the Family Salticidae. We haven’t the time now to research an exact species. If you find the information, please let us know.

I asked a professor at some college in Canada and he told me it was a Phidippus audax. I have included a link to a web page about this spider.

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  1. I have one at my house in Michigan looks like the pic above I was going to kill it by dropping something on it and it used its leg in the air like saying pit it down I hate spiders but I did not drop it on it and now it despaired a little wired so I looked on the internet and found your page


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