Johnson Jumper

Subject: Red Body Spider
Location: Monterey Park, CA
April 18, 2014 12:09 am
Was at the park and a spider with red body jumped on my nephew. What is it?
Signature: Penny

Johnson Jumper
Johnson Jumper

Hi Penny,
We are serious when we inform you that this is a Jumping Spider in the family Salticidae, and we believe it is a Johnson Jumper,
Phidippus johnsoni.  According to BugGuide:  “Not harmful to humans, although like all spiders it will inflict a painful bite if provoked, and this species is reported to be more aggressive than other jumpers.” 

Thank you very much for your prompt response to my query.  I’ve never seen a spider with this bright red coloring before.  It was beautiful.

3 thoughts on “Johnson Jumper”

  1. I can’t guarantee it was the same species, but when I was growing up in the L.A. area I encountered many jumping spiders similar to this specimen, none of which bit me. On a couple of occasions, though, male spider would start waving their front arms at me as if they were beginning their mating dance. Seemed friendly.

  2. Got a nasty bite from one the other day on my ankle while gardening. Saw it jump off. Took hours before wound mark appeared and four days for pain and itching to end.
    San Francisco Bay Area


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