Jewelmark Butterfly from Costa Rica

Subject: Butterfly from Costa Rica
Location: Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
February 1, 2015 10:56 am
This little butterfly landed on me during a tour of an organic farm in Costa Rica in January. I’d love to know what kind of butterfly it is! We were on the Osa Peninsula, near the Gulfo Dulce coast.
Signature: Dawn Howell

Gossamer Wing
Jewelmark Butterfly

Dear Dawn,
We believe this is a Gossamer Wing in the family Lycaenidae, a family of generally small and often quite colorful butterflies.  We found a matching image on Visual Unlimited where it is identified as a Jewelmark Butterfly,
Sarota gyas.  According to Butterflies of Amazonia:  “The Sarota Jewelmarks are possibly the cutest butterflies in the world. They have a very rapid and erratic flight. When seen buzzing about in the early morning they can easily be mistaken for small flies. Eventually they settle however and reveal themselves as creatures of exquisite beauty, with bright orange undersides streaked with metallic silver; and cute little furry legs !”  According to the Butterflies of America, the range is:  “[Mexico to Panama?], Colombia to Peru, Brazil, Guianas.”  According to the Costa Rica Biodiversity Portal:  “Species recorded in: Costa Rica.”

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