Jewel Beetle

Subject: Colorado bug
Location: Longmont, CO
July 6, 2016 3:35 pm
Found this bug in my shirt collar. Yuck!
Signature: Matt

Jewel Beetle: Buprestis confluenta
Jewel Beetle: Buprestis confluenta

Dear Matt,
We believe we have correctly identified your Jewel Beetle on BugGuide as
Buprestis confluenta.  Your Jewel Beetle appeared right on schedule because according to BugGuide, they appear:  “Primarily July (per pix posted here).”  According to Beetles in the Bush:  “B. confluenta is downright stunning! Brilliant green, perhaps with a slight coppery brown to purplish blue hue and with more or less confluent (thus the species name) fine yellow flecks densely scattered over the elytra, it is one of the easiest to identify of any species in the genus.”  We somehow feel your “Yuck!” comment is a tad bit harsh.

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