Subject: beetle?
Location: Ruffin, sc
April 13, 2017 4:13 am
This insect flew in my daughters hair while we were walking around outside. It is kind of hard to tell by the picture but the color was gold. Thank you for your time and hope you have a great day.
Signature: Melissa

Sculptured Pine Borer

Dear Melissa,
Because of the metallic coloration of many members of the family Buprestidae, they are known as Metallic Borer Beetles or Jewel Beetles.  Your individual is one of the Sculptured Pine Borers in the genus
Chalcophora.  Based on BugGuide images, we suspect it might be the Southern Sculptured Pine Borer, Chalcophora georgiana, or the the Sculptured Pine Borer, Chalcophora virginiensis, also pictured on BugGuide.  The former is described on BugGuide as being:  “coppery green, can be easily separated by the acute elytral apex with a strong sutural spine; displays very little variation.”

Sculptured PIne Borer

Location: Ruffin, South Carolina

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