Jewel Beetle from Saudi Arabia

Subject: Beetle
Location: 25.6476206516667,45.8937318516667
March 5, 2016 5:24 am
Hello Bugman
I found this beetle in central Saudi Arabia. It seemed quite large, nearly 2 inches.
Thanks for your time.
Signature: Peter

Jewel Beetle
Jewel Beetle

Dear Peter,
This is a Metallic Borer Beetle or Jewel Beetle in the family Buprestidae.  We located an image identified only by family on FlickR that looks very similar, and following up on that we found an image on FlickR identified as
Julodis speculifer dicksonae, also found in Saudi Arabia.  Continued research indicates there are many similar looking species in the genus based on this FlickRiver page, so while we are quite confident we have the correct family and genus Julodis, we cannot provide a definitive species identification.

Dear Daniel
Many thanks for your fast response.
I looked at a few of the beetles on Flickr that you linked to and I think it looks most like this one:
Julodis iris Laporte & Gory 1835
View on
It’s called J. iris and it may be relevant that it was found among the wild iris fields there, flowering at just this time of year!
Best wishes

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