Jewel Beetle

Jewel Beetle (metallic) in WA
We live on WA’s Olympic Peninsula (Sequim), but I’m not from these parts, so I can’t ident this little beetle, almost 2 cm long. We hope you can. We also included a ventral view, in case you need it. thanks…
jess mckenzie

Hi Jess,
Jewell Beetle is actually an accepted common name for the Golden Buprestid, Buprestis aurulenta.

I had it down to the Buprestids, but the species stumped me. The little devil didn’t look golden enough. If color is important, I’d better start shooting next to a color card. BTW, I’m certain this one came from some cherry logs sitting the the drive (next to the barbeque) for about one year. I doubt that’s significant. In any case, thanks. It’s been a long time since that entolomogy course. Perhaps you can recommend a good key for use in thse parts.
jess In Sequim, WA

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