Japanese Beetles in Canada

Subject: Vine munching beetle
Location: Southern Ontario, GTA
July 4, 2014 7:59 am
The vines that cover my back yard have been starting to die, I thought it was the neighbours until I went out side today.
I found over eight pairs of beetles mating and eating the vines in the same area.
It seems that while the female eats the leaf under neither the male gets on top to mait.
It has been only a few days and the beetles have decimated the one vine although this is the first time they have been visible.
The hard shell is a redish brown while the sides have slight stripping.
Thank you for the consideration
Signature: Backyard Beetle Babe

Japanese Beetles mating and eating
Japanese Beetles mating and eating

Hi Backyard Beetle Babe,
The invasive, exotic Japanese Beetles in your image are doing what they are best known for doing:  eating and mating.  Japanese Beetles have been in North America for nearly 100 years, and they are known to feed on hundreds of different cultivated and ornamental plants, hence they are well known to and loathed by most gardeners in the eastern part of North America.

Thank you so much for identifying my bug!!!!

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