Jagged Ambush Bug

unknown insect spotted in the flower bed
Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 4:47 PM
I snapped this photo of a strange insect in my flower bed. I have no idea what it is. This was the one and only time I’ve seen it. The paddle like front legs are interesting. You may have to zoom in a bit on the photo.
Mr. Rob
Eastern NC nearFayetteville

Ambush Bug
Ambush Bug

Dear Mr. Rob,
You have photographed a Jagged Ambush Bug in the genus Phymata.  Ambush Bugs were originally  in their own family, but they have recently been reclassified as Assassin Bugs in the family Reduviidae, and the Ambush Bugs subfamily Phymatinae.  Ambush Bugs often wait on flowers in order to ambush and eat pollinating insects.

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2 thoughts on “Jagged Ambush Bug”

  1. It’s cute and flowery-looking! Assassin bugs tend to be good at camouflage… when I lived in a basement apartment I had those little bitty ones that wear coats of dust and grit that they pick up off the floor.

  2. It seems this may be an image of Phymata fasciata based on the salient corners of the connexival segments.


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