hey can u please tell me wat bug is this , I found it in my bathroom and I’ve seen a lot of them lately that’s why I’m bothering to learn more about them because I’m curious. And I have three dogs so I don’t know if the bug might be hurtful. I hope you can recognize it from my pictures it was hard to get a good picture because they are so small. And I took the pictures with my camera phone. If not I hope this description helps as well. Well, its about an inch long has 6 pairs on legs . grayish and antenna as well. and two little things like in the rear don’t know how to explain it. hope you can figure out what it is , because I don’t thing it’s a centipede. Anyways, thank you.
oh PS. I live in NJ.

Hi Diana,
Your have terrestrial isopods commonly known as Pill Bugs, Sow Bugs or Rollie-Pollies. They can get very numerous and can become a nuisance, but they are basically benign. They sometimes secrete an obnoxious odor. They will not harm your pets.

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