Ironclad Beetle from Mexico

Subject: unknown Beetle in Mexico
Location: Lake Chapala, Mexico
May 21, 2016 9:43 pm
This past year I moved from Albuquerque NM to the area just south of Guadalajara, Mexico so everything here is new to me. Right now the Mexican “Rain-Birds,” a Mexican version of the cicada are singing loudly in search of mates.
On a different subject though, I keep seeing these beetles on the side of the house. They seem remarkably placid, never moving around, sometimes staying in the same place for 3 days. They are beautifully ornamented.
I don’t see them eat anything (nor are they pursued). They don’t seem to be looking for mates. They have been around since early April.
Signature: Ken

Ironclad Beetle
Ironclad Beetle

Dear Ken,
This distinctive beetle is an Ironclad Beetle,
Zopherus nodulosus, and it is a species well represented in our archives because the species is also found in Texas.  According to BugGuide, the range is:  “s. TX to Mexico.”

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