Ironclad Beetle

Subject: Iron Clad Beetle?
Location: Angeles National Forest
June 26, 2016 1:25 am
Dear Bugman,
I found this guy at Wildwood picnic area in Angeles National Forest, located just north of Sunland, CA. I was wondering if I have correctly identified this insect as an “Iron Clad Beetle.” This bug had a pecular way of playing dead when I picked it up and gently placed it on my notebook for a better shot.
Signature: Jessica Chortkoff

Ironclad Beetle
Ironclad Beetle

Dear Jessica,
We agree that you have properly identified your Ironclad Beetle.  Because we wanted to be able to provide as much detail in the insect in the posting, we were forced to crop the image, meaning your name has been cropped out. 

Dear Bugman (Professor Marlos),
Feel free to crop my photos as needed. I put my name on them so nobody on facebook can steal them and use them as their own. I hope all is well at LACC. I had a really rough year and am spending my time working on a film about Angeles Forest. As I catalog the various insects I find there I plan to share some more photos soon, but will try to not overwhelm your site with too many at a time. -Jessica

Hi Jessica,
We didn’t realize that was you writing.  The different surname through us.  Good luck with your film and we hope things get better for you.  The award winning Collegian Times Magazine did quite well this past year thanks to your contributions.


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