Iron Cross Blister Beetle

May 3, 2010
Just showed up – May 2010 – desert garden – phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ USA

Iron Cross Blister Beetle

Hi Leisel,
This is an Iron Cross Blister Beetle, and your letter is the fourth confirmed identification we have posted in the last week, all from the Phoenix area.  A fifth letter contained a very crude drawing that may have been done by a three year old, and when we identified it as an Iron Cross Blister Beetle, the Doubting Thomas that submitted the identification request rejected our identification.

Another Iron Cross Blister Beetle sighting, without a photo
Iron Cross Blister Beetle
May 4, 2010
I have tons of these things in my yard. I do not have a personal picture but copied one from another page and know what they are by the other posts I have seen on them. Just would like to know if they are a danger to mine or my dog’s health, and if there is a way to turn their direction away from my house.
D. Ellison
Tucson, AZ

Dear D.
We do not know how to keep the Iron Cross Blister Beetles away from your home.  Do not try to handle them or you might have a skin reaction.  We do not recommend allowing your dog to eat them.  We have heard of incidents where horses eating Blister Beetles with hay have gotten ill.

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