Subject: Soldier/Futuristic Robot Bug! Crazy moulter??
Location: Evanston, IL lakefront
May 23, 2013 7:13 am
Chicago suburb: Evanston, IL
Lakefront (Lake Michigan)
Dog beach
Small, I would say an inch or less than one inch long
Crazy looking!
Camouflage warrior hard shell on the outside & metallic green robo-bug on the inside (with wings) but did NOT seem to be a bug inside a bug, but rather one single bug that was alive.
Would love to know what this thing is!!
Signature: Izumi

Unidentified Tiger Beetle

Common Shore Tiger Beetle

Dear Izumi,
It might take us some time to identify this Tiger Beetle  in the subfamily Cicindelinae
that is missing an elytra.

Update:  Ides of March, 2019
We just received a second comment that this is a Common Shore Tiger Beetle, Cicindela repanda.

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Location: Evanston, Illinois

2 Responses to Injured Common Shore Tiger Beetle

  1. Zee says:

    Looks like a Cicindela repanda, called Common Shore Tiger Beetle or Bronzed Tiger Beetle.

  2. Timothy P Friedlander says:

    Looks like Cicindela repanda…

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