Indian Moon Moths

Hey Daniel!
I was just looking through some of those!! I saw you had many unidentified slug caterpillars, which i’ve never seen or heard of! But some of those Automeris species look familiar (some of them were from a differentley described genus), though I dont remember the exact species names offhand. I’ll look through them all and if I see any I know of, I’ll get back to you; I have a few textbooks with some detailed plates. In the meantime, attached are some pictures of Indian moon moths that I raised! The big one on the screen is a female, 7 inches in wingspan! the smaller one on the gold rug is a male.

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for sending us your images of Indian Moon Moths, Actias selene. They will find a permanent home in our archives on our Luna 2 page, even though they are relatives of the North American species.

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