Indian Meal Moth and Larva

More pictures of Indian Meal Moth
I saw that you only received one picture of the Indian Meal Moth so far. Well, the little buggers are infesting my kitchen now, so I might as well make some use of that. Here are a few pictures you are free to use if you like to, I release them into the public domain. I’m sorry they’re not that great.
PS: If I’m wrong and it’s not an Indian Meal Moth at all, please let me know!

Hi Ramon,
Your are absolutely correct. We are also terribly amused that your photo was sent on Thanksgiving. Our plans for Thanksgiving dinner on more than one occasion included a last minute trip to the market to replace corn meal that was infested with Indian Meal Moths, Plodia interpunctella. This has happened so many times, not just at Thanksgiving time, that we have started storing corn meal in the refrigerator. The moth will also infest many other stored grain products, and invariably get into the oatmeal after a few months in the pantry. Thank you for you excellent photo of both the adult and larvae. The larvae are form masses of silken webbing in the food stuff.

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