Indian Meal Moth

Subject: Bug
Location: Warsaw mo. 65366
September 28, 2016 10:44 pm
It kinda looks like a moth! They are always on the curtains, betting and couches! When I kill them it’s all powdery! I want to say it’s a greenish coler with black dots! What do you think they are? It kinda looks like this picture but that’s not it!
Signature: Thanks, Brandy

Indian Meal Moth
Indian Meal Moth

Dear Brandy,
This is an Indian Meal Moth, and the numbers you are finding in your home most likely means you have an infestation in your pantry.  Try looking at stored grain products to see if there is a long expired box of cornmeal or oatmeal at the back of the top shelf.

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  1. Check the rice , lentils, etc. I had them for first time this year. Because getting lazy . They are harmless but they will get into your grains. I had to throw a little bit of rice away.
    They do not sting, they do not bite. Yes they are powdery.
    Next time this happens, maybe the buggy grain can be used to feed chickens?


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