Indian Meal Moth

Subject: Moth like Bug
Location: Dallas Texas
September 24, 2016 5:02 pm
Hello! For a few weeks now I have seen these moth like bugs in my house! At first I thought it was just from us in and out the door when the porch light was on or the garage door was open. However, now I know that there is some type of issue. Back in March I had a 60 lb bees honey comb removed from in between my bedroom floor and the bottom level of the house, my son’s bedroom ceiling. Is it a termite, a moth in my grains, larva for another bug? Please be so kind to give me your expertise and advice.
Signature: Tiffiney

Indian Meal Moth
Indian Meal Moth

Dear Tiffiney,
It is time to clean out the pantry.  This is an Indian Meal Moth, a species that infests stored grain products like oatmeal and cornmeal that were left on the shelf too long.  They will also infest stored nuts and spices.

Thank you so much. Last night I finally seen some in the top of the pantry. I had read that they can be attracted to grains. I had some old cornmeal I never used that has been there for over a year on the top shelf. I so appreciate you responding and your expertise! I love your website and I would love to blog about it soon.
warmest and thank you so much,

Cornmeal is one of their favorites.

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