Indian Meal Moth

Subject: Pesky bugs everywhere!!!
Location: Southern California U.S.A
April 7, 2016 6:18 am
I live in Southern California and recently since I had new roommates there’s been a LOT of these bugs each time I go into my room. They don’t do much they’re just always placed on the walls. I believe they may be moths but could be something much worse. They’re quite small about half an inch but I would really appreciate some identification as I’m concerned of any health issues or what may have brought them.
Signature: Annoyed Adrian

Pantry Moth
Pantry Moth

Dear Annoyed Adrian,
This is an Indian Meal Moth, a type of Pantry Moth.  The larvae of Pantry Moths feed on stored grain products, including flour and corn meal.  You might have all your room mates check for a forgotten bag of chocolate chip cookies under the bed, or perhaps a slice of pizza fell under the couch cushion.  You can also investigate the pantry for that three year old carton of oat meal, and don’t forget the spice drawer.

Thank you so much! I’ve been embarrassed recently to have any friends over and see the moths on the walls in my room. I’ll look around to remove any food that may be attracting them and tell my roommates as well. Thank you so much again for identifying and providing info about them.

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