Subject: anisota virginiensis
Location: winter park, fl
March 3, 2017 10:55 pm
Is there any way to keep an adult one alive? I know they cannot feed, but as silly as it sounds..I’ve grown accustomed to one near my apartment and even walks on my there any way to have it survive longer than expected?
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Oakworm Moth

Oakworm Moths in the genus Anisota, like other members of the family Saturniidae, do not feed as adults, and if they do not mate and reproduce, they will not contribute to the gene pool for the species.  So, Oakworm Moths as well as other Giant Silk Moths will either die of old age, fall prey to a predator, or meet some accidental end.  Since the individual you are inquiring about is resting near your home, it should be protected against predators or accidents, and hopefully it will mate and reproduce.  A sheltered location is one means of extending the life as long as possible, though after a week, your individual should be considered quite old for its species.

thank you so much for getting back to me. it didn’t live passed a week, but it’s good to be informed. I appreciate the time you took to respond.

Location: Winter Park, Florida

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