Inchworm from Japan: Milionia basalis

Subject: Measuring Worm Moths Inchworm
Location: Okinawa Japan
December 6, 2012 2:08 am
Here is another copy of the image I sent in for request before I realized that this is the inch worm for the moth images I sent. I am not sure if you want to put it with the moth images or if you want to put it in the caterpillar area. I took this shot in May of 2010 in Okinawa.
Signature: Richelle

Inchworm: Milionia basalis

Dear Richelle,
Thanks so much for resending this image.  We never recall seeing it, but on busy days, we can only read a fraction of the mail that arrives.  This is a marvelous addition to the adult
Milionia basalis you have already submitted.

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