Subject: Unidentifiable worm/ caterpillar
Location: High Falls NC.
October 2, 2015 5:44 pm
Help Bugman,
I live in the Piedmont region of North Carolina in the small community of High Falls. I live in a wooded area, no close neighbors, near Deep River. I found this worm/ caterpillar or whatever it may be crawling in my driveway. I can’t find anyone who has ever seen anything like it can you please try to identify?
Signature: Anna Moore

Imperial Moth Caterpillar

Imperial Moth Caterpillar

Dear Anna,
This is an Imperial Moth Caterpillar, and its size and color indicate it has left the tree upon which it was feeding and it is searching for a suitable place to pupate.  Adult Imperial Moths are quite beautiful.

Location: High Falls, North Carolina

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