Imperial Moth Caterpillar

Imperial Moth Caterpillar
Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 5:39 PM
The rangers at the tool shed at the Crater of Diamonds in southern Arkansas had captured this caterpillar and were asking everyone if they knew what it was.
I didn’t know, but I knew where to find out.
I hope this image is better than the one you have, but nevertheless I turned them all on to your incredible site. Pic taken near the first of October.
Mike Green
Southern Arkansas

Imperial Moth Caterpillar
Imperial Moth Caterpillar

Thanks Mike,
We don’t like to consider one image better than another, just different.

Same Individual, Different Submission???
Large caterpillar found at park
Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 12:57 PM
Large caterpillar found at park
I work at a state park in southwest Arkansas and recently had a visitor bring in a very large caterpillar (about four inches long) he had found while exploring. Several people took photos of the beautiful specimen, and many offered guesses as to what it could be. As my particular park is more geologically-focused, I regret to say I was not able to accurately identify the caterpillar for its finder. It was very lively, walking across our table, and had powerful legs and mandibles. I released the caterpillar onto a sweetgum tree on the park premises. I have browsed through numerous photos, hoping to find exactly what type it may be. The closest I have come is a luna moth caterpillar, but none of the photographs I have seen depict exactly the same features as this caterpillar. Can you help out?
southwest Arkansas

Imperial Moth Caterpillar
Imperial Moth Caterpillar

Hi Wayman,
We have a sneaky suspicion that your co-worker Mike submitted an image of the same Imperial Moth Caterpillar.  In the spirit of equity, we are posting both of your photos.

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