Help with a caterpillar…
Is it an Imperial Moth caterpillar? It’s the most similar identification I could do searching through What’s that bug? but I think that it’s just similar. Maybe they “come” in different colors, because my caterpillar is more red than orange (as those I could find in WTB?). I found it in my backyard 2 days ago. I love nature, and it’s the first time I see one of these. If you can provide a name, I will look into it to find something more about these caterpillars and the moth / butterfly it will become. Have more photos if you’d like, of detailed parts of its body. Just let me know. Thanks in advance!!! Great page, keep up the amazing work!
Esteban Ramallo

Hi Esteban,
You are absolutely correct. This is an Imperial Moth Caterpillar. We have gotten photos of brown, orange and blue-green specimens, as well as your lovely green example.

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