Imperial Moth and Preying Mantis

Subject: imperial moth? mantid?
Location: Central Texas
October 14, 2012 9:02 pm
I came across a recent posting of a male imperial moth that looked similar to a moth I found while at work a few years ago, I thought you might enjoy the juxtaposition in which the photo shows the moth… Also, I found this mantid at my house earlier today, In recent years I have seen a significantly larger number of mantids than in years past. I have no idea what this one was feeding on before I found him, but he was on the underside of our window on the outside of the house. It has currently been in the low to mid 80’s during the day, and was around 3p.m. when I saw him. I was wondering if you might possibly know what type of mantid he is?
Signature: curious?

Imperial Moth

Dear curious,
Thank you for sending your amusing Imperial Moth photo.  Preying Mantids are generally more visible in the fall because they have achieved maturity.  They are larger and more noticeable.  As with all insects, populations fluctuate from year to year.  Also, insects are easily overlooked.  Once one becomes more aware of insects, one tends to notice more.  Perhaps you are more aware of insects than you have been in past years.

Preying Mantis

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