Imperial Moth

Large Moth-like bug!
Hello Bugman! My son found this out on our back deck this morning. I believe it looks like a large moth type insect. We live in east-central Indiana. Please help me to identify it and give me some other information on it! Thank You!
Megan and Kegan
Shirley, IN

Imperial Moth
Imperial Moth

Dear Megan and Kegan,
Your moth is an Imperial Moth, Eacles imperialis, a species well represented on BugGuide and in our own archives, though this is the first specimen we are posting this year.  Male Imperial Moths have more purple markings on their wings, and this would indicate that your individual is a male Imperial Moth.

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  1. I seen a moth look just like a king on the back in North Carolina can you tell me what kind of moth that is or was I just seeing things


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