Imperial Moth

My Granddaughter found this in the yard. I thought you could let us know what type of Moth it is and did it lay eggs. Thanks so much for your reply. Samantha is extremly interested in nature and loves to care for our garden, She is outstanding. I am her grandmother so I think she is the best. Thanks again for your time and interest in this matter. If you have any printed material can you send it to her. thanks again.
Her name is Samantha C. from lewes, delaware. again I thank you for looking at these pictures and finding out what she found and what it’s name is.
D. Smith

Hi D.,
Your granddaughter captured a female Imperial Moth, Eacles imperialis, formerly Basilona imperialis. Those are indeed eggs. When the eggs hatch, tell your granddaughter to feed the caterpillars fresh leaves from Oak, Hickory, or Maple. The moth, which does not feed as an adult, might already be dead. They only live a few days, long enough to mate and lay eggs. Male moths have more purple on the wings. Sorry, we have no printed material to send to Samantha, whose address we tactfully deleted.

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