Please help me identify this
Location: Gladstone, Queensland, Australia
December 2, 2010 1:57 am
Please can you help me id this catapillar. It was found in Central coastal Queensland Australia just today, beginning of summer.
Thank you for your help.
Signature: Regards, Kylie

Impatiens Hawkmoth Caterpillar

Dear Kylie,
Even though we didn’t answer your letter immediately, once we saw this caterpillar, we quickly identified it as an Impatiens Hawkmoth Caterpillar, on the Australian Caterpillars website.

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Location: Australia

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  1. Alexander McRae says:

    I found one on my lawn today, in Bundeena, on the very edge of Royal National Park, Sydney. I took a photo and put it on facebook and a friend posted this link. Mine surely was an Impatiens Hawkmoth also, dead ringer for this one.

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