Immature Stink Bug from Malaysia: Pycanum rubeus

Wonders from Malaysian Borneo!
Location: Malaysian Borneo
August 12, 2011 9:09 pm
Hey Bug-people!
A challenge for you!
I took myself backpacking through Southeast Asia a while ago, and came back with some amazing pictures of bugs.
I’ve included three of what were to me the most fascinating and baffling varieties. Can you help me identify them?
Signature: Doug

Immature Stink Bug

Hi again Doug,
We have split up your question into separate postings.  The red insect is an immature Red Stink Bug,
Pycanum rubeus, which we identified on the National Geographic Stock Photo website.  Your third insect is a larval Firefly not unlike this North American example.  Did we meet your challenge?

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