Immature Stink Bug from Crete

Subject: Nymph of Cadophila varia
Location: Crete/Greece/Iraklion
September 29, 2014 8:47 pm
I found this nymph on a fennel. I think it is a pentatomid possibly belongs to Cadophila varia
Signature: Nikos Roditakis

Stink Bug Nymph
Stink Bug Nymph

Dear Nikos,
Your nymph is a Pentatomid or Stink Bug, and upon researching images of
Cadophila varia on TrekNature, we did locate an image of an adult that looks very similar.  When we attempted to locate images of the nymph, your image popped up on both TrekNature and BugGuide.  We then located an image of a nymph on Biodiversidad Virtual, but it is black, not reddish orange, but that doesn’t mean there might be color variations within the species or that different instars might have different coloration.  We cannot say conclusively that your identification is correct, but it might be correct.

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