Immature Meadow Katydid from Canada

Subject:  Katydid or something else?
Geographic location of the bug:  Pelham, Ontario
Date: 11/19/2017
Time: 06:44 AM EDT
Hi there,
I photographed what I think is an immature katydid, although I’m not sure if it might be something else. It was very small and transparent – you can see what I believe is its digestive system or something else right through the exoskeleton. I just lucked out with the lighting. Anyway would love to know if you can verify, and I also thought you might like this photo.
How you want your letter signed:  Brad

Immature Meadow Katydid

Dear Brad,
Considering your location, it is very late in the season to get an image of an immature Katydid.  We believe this is an immature Meadow Katydid like the one pictured on BugGuide.

Hi Daniel,
I’m sorry, I should have stated that the picture was taken a few months ago! I was going through my pictures and wanted to choose another cover photo for my Facebook profile and it struck me that I loved that picture and wasn’t exactly sure what it was.
Thank you for the identification!  I love your work.
Have a great week 🙂

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