Immature Leaf Footed Bug

Subject: blue bug
Location: Northwest ohio
May 27, 2016 7:29 pm
I found this little bug at a campground in Northwest ohio *not far from the Michigan border* around early summertime it’s a lot more blue in person and about the size of a dime. But I can’t seem to find any information or identification for this bug. There’s some pictures of it but it’s all from people asking what it is with no definite answer. Just some guesses usually assassin bug.. so what is it?
Signature: Beck

Immature Leaf Footed Bug
Immature Leaf Footed Bug

Dear Beck,
This is NOT an Assassin Bug.  It is an immature Leaf Footed Bug,
Acanthocephala terminalis, and it is harmless.  Since we will be away from the office in June, we are postdating your submission to go live in our absence.

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