Immature Leaf Footed Bug

Subject: Assasin or Leaf Footed
Location: Katy, Texas
April 22, 2015 7:26 am
Hello bugman! Yesterday morning I found 10 of these bugs walking around one of my tomato cages! I hate exterminating bugs it even pains me when my husband gets rid of ant piles. I belive all animals are important to our ecosystem, I’m really hoping these are Assasin bugs and not Leaf Footed
Signature: Karina

Leptoglossus Nymph
Leptoglossus Nymph

Dear Karina,
This sure looks like a Leaf Footed Bug nymph from the genus
Leptoglossus to us, based on this image posted to BugGuide.  Generally, Assassin Bugs are solitary hunters, and if you find Hemipteran nymphs (not hatchlings) in groups, they are more often than not feeding on plants together.

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