Immature Kissing Bug

blood sucking bed invader
Location: under my pillow, Tucson AZ
August 13, 2011 12:39 pm
Dear Bugman,
I hate to bother you again, but I think I have a good photo this time. I learned to put them on packing tape. It would seem this this guy whom I found under my pillow, as I do many days find one or two, so I get in the habit of checking… it would seem that this guy is a blood sucker as his abdomen, or ones like him, grows and seems to squish blood when squashed. Now, I do not like this critter under my pillow. I would rather have theives invade my house and take my TV than a blood sucking bug hide under my pillow waiting for the opportune time to attack. Please set my mind at ease or not, in which case I will have the place fumigated. I hope you answer this as it is driving me to obsession.
Signature: Going Buggy

Not sure if you will get this but I forgot one important factor.. This bug
measures 1/4″.
Itty bitty,

Immature Kissing Bug

Dear Going Buggy,
Thank you for resubmitting a clearer image.  This is an immature Blood Sucking Conenose Bug in the genus
Triatoma.  They are also known as Kissing Bugs because they frequently bite sleepers around the lips.  They are also called by a variety of other names in Spanish Speaking countries according to BugGuide, including:  “barbeiro, bicudo, chupão (Brazil); vinchuca, chipo, pito, chinchorro, chirimacho, iquipito, chupon (in various Spanish-speaking Latin American countries); Bush Chinch (Belize).”  Here is a matching photo from BugGuide.  Especially in tropical countries, they spread a pathogen that causes Chagas Disease.

Thank you sooo much for your reply. I did look on the BugGuide but being a novice at bugs did not find it. However, I still feel like spraying the air.
I did not see a picture of a HorseLubber Grasshopper anywhere, so I thought you might appreciate this. Use it or not as you see fit.
Thanks again.

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  1. According to the “Texas Bug Book” by Beck and Garrett, the normal diet of the Kissing Bug is bed bugs (Cimex lectularius). Getting in your house and if he finds no bed bugs, then you become the target. Spraying the air probably won’t help. Take apart your bedding and drapes. It is hiding somewhere. If you don’t find it, you will wake up in the morning with another itchy welt. Do not scratch. Wash the swelling and surrounding area thoroughly with soap and water – then you can scratch. This bug carries a deadly sleeping sickness called Chagas disease. Put good screens on your windows, caulk any cracks. Organic control is Diatomaceous earth and pyrethrum. good luck in getting rid of this bug!

    • Actually, it is our understanding that Chagas Disease is not really associated with species found in the U.S., but rather, with relatives found in Central and South America.

  2. Didn’t mean to scare anyone, but I was quoting from the book, “Texas Bug Book”, by Malcolm Beck and Howard Garrett, but Texas is only a hop, skip and a jump from central america. And they may be coming across the border by backpack if you know what I mean!


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