Immature Grasshopper

Subject:  Cool Guy
Geographic location of the bug:  Park in Mpls, MN
Date: 07/31/2019
Time: 10:26 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  My kids and I found this cool looking guy yesterday in the grass at a park. It reminds me of the bad guy in A Bug’s Life but I’m not sure what it is exactly. We enjoyed our time with him and then sent him on his way happily. Just curious what kind of insect it is. Thank you!
How you want your letter signed:  Andrea

Grasshopper Nymph: Genus Trimerotropis???

Dear Andrea,
This is an immature Grasshopper, and we believe based on this BugGuide image and this BugGuide image, it is a member of the genus
Trimerotropis.  According to BugGuide, there are “43 North American species.”

Grasshopper Nymph

Thank you so much for your response! My kids were excited to learn about their buddy. 🙂

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