Immature Cockroach

new pic of bug
hey thanks for your help i found a dead bug after spraying and got a couple of better pics of it this one is one of the little ones i had mentioned i hope these pics are better in helping you tell me what they are like i said before i have only found five now and i have sprayed three times. thanks for all your help
thank you

Hi Amos,
Your new photo definitely is of an immature cockroach. It looks to be a German Cockroach, Blattella germanica, which is an insidious pest. It is recognized by the two darker longitudinal stripes on the head shield. Better find the breeders as well or you might quickly be overrun.

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  1. That is not a german cockroach, german cockroaches are much skinnier and lighter in color and vary in color from nymph to adult. I think its more likely an asian cockroach late nymph stage. These pest usual come from the outside in and tend to not infest the inside, if you had a serious german cockroach infestation, you would know it, you would have feces stains in or around your cabinets, and food storage areas. I would check your garage or storage area for places were these pests could be make a nest or home and then make a plan to exterminate them from there.


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