Immature Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

Subject: What is tis
Location: Port Richey, Florida
May 4, 2016 10:25 pm
Saw this bug today in Port Richey, Florida Pasco county. Lived here 30 years. Have never seen it before. Tried to figure it out myself. Best I came up with was a whhte spotted Sawyer beetle..but then attennae would be much longer. Some have said locust, others cricket. What is it exactly?
Signature: Marie

Eastern Lubber Grasshopper
Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

Dear Marie,
This is the dark form of the Eastern Lubber Grasshopper,
Romalea microptera.  There is also a light color variation of the Eastern Lubber Grasshopper.  When conditions are favorable, flightless Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers can get quite plentiful.

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