Immature Black Widow

White spider with hour-glass dots on back
March 15, 2010
Found on a dead rabbit, amid the fluff of it’s shed fur. The rabbit had been under an old tin bucket and when I lifted it up, this spider was on the fur.
Albuquerque, NM

Immature Black Widow Spider

Hi Colleen,
This is an immature Black Widow, probably a Western Black Widow, Latrodectus hesperus.  The immature spiders often have patterns on the back which become a solid glossy black as the spider matures.

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  1. i saw an immature black widow today and it was reflecting silver in the sun when i pulled out an old broom by the door. At first I thought it was a beetle, but when i looked down on it, it looked exactly like your image on the rabbit fur but it was shiny. it was originally behind some plants by my basement door, i guess it hid in the plant during the heat of the day. The rain is bringing all kinds of bugs out of their normally damp and dark but now are wet habitats. Time to spray the door with pine sol. They do not like it when we put it out in basement:)


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