Immature Black Widow Spider

what is it
Photographed this spider in the rose garden.. Unable to identify.. Hope you can help..
Thank you very much.
Jay Lowrey

Hi Jay,
Beautiful photograph of an Immature Black Widow Spider. She may not be mature, but she can still bite. Be careful.

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  1. In my wood pile, I found several large reddish spiders. They seem to be the size of
    a black widow maybe very slightly larger, have the bulbous belly, the long legs and shiny exoskeletons. They are reddish in color and move fast when disturbed. I have not found webs, but this is a box of kindling that they are living in. I thought they might be immature black widows, but they don’t have the markings of the one you show. Perhaps they haven’t had the sunlight to darken up yet, I don’t know, but I bring the wood in to burn, and I find myself hitting each piece of wood and kindling so that I don’t bring them inside. You don’t seem to advocate extermination, but I want to feel safe in my own home.


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