Immature Aztec Spur Throated Grasshopper

Grasshopper Nymph, small, black & yellow
July 1, 2010
Have not seen this nymph before & do not know what the adult looks like. It is very small as you can see by size of the nail head in fence. Found July 1, 2010 and it’s coloration stood out on the old fence. Curiosity got me.
Just Jim
San Antonio, Texas 78219

Aztec Spur Throated Grasshopper nymph

Hi Just Jim,
We started by searching our own archives because we recall posting an image of this lovely species of Grasshopper nymph in the past.  Alas, the image we posted in 2004 was never identified.  We quickly identified your Aztec Spur Throated Grasshopper nymph,
Aidemona azteca, by searching BugGuide.  The adults are not as colorful as the immature nymphs.

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