Identify an Insect?

Hire an entomologist to identify an insect. Let us find out what is bugging you… has been helping people identify insects for over 20 years. For the record, we have made more than 25,000 insect identifications (and counting).

Our insect identification services start from $19. For you, it is as simple as 1-2-3…

  1. Send us the images (you can upload up to 3 images of the same insect. Sometimes it is a good idea to click the image next to a measuring tape or a coin to give us an idea of the scale. A zoomed-in image helps us look at specifics.
  2. Describe the insect in your own words. Talk about its behavior or anything that you saw that stood out.
  3. Knowing the location of an insect is critical in identifying it correctly. Please let us know where you saw the insect.

With all this information, an entomologist will weigh in and identify the insect for you!

You can choose from one of two options below:

Option 1 – We Can Reuse The Images

You certify that you own the rights to the images taken and allow us to use the images on any of our websites.

Option 2 – We Can Not Reuse The Images

The images are your property and we do not have the right to use them on our websites. We will just use them for the purpose of identification.

Once the payment is complete, you would be redirected to the page where you can send us the insect images, description and location.

We Can Reuse The Images*


Upload 3 images

Give description

Give location

Normal priority

7-day turnaround

*You certify that the images belong to you and we can reuse them on our websites
We Can Not Reuse The Images*


Upload 3 images

Give description

Give location

High priority

3-day turnaround

*We can not reuse the images on our websites

Not ready for insect identification help? You can search our archives for an insect.