Ichnuemon: Therion morio

Subject: Stung me
Location: Georgia – USA
August 18, 2013 9:54 pm
I had to go to the hospital after being stung by this bug I am allergic to all sorts of stings but mainly bee stings and wasp and hornet stings however this is not that at least I don’t think so I killed it when it stung me but I ran to my house because I needed my EpiPen and I didn’t pick it up I went back and found it later. I was near my garden buy a small creek. What kind of bug is it?!
Signature: Ashley

Ichnuemon:  Therion morio
Ichnuemon: Therion morio

Hi Ashley,
This is a parasitoid Ichneumon Wasp.    We found an unidentified image in our archive, and we found it misidentified as a male Giant Ichnuemon, a mistake we made in the past, on the Niches blog. Upon searching BugGuide, we determined it to be
Therion morio.  According to BugGuide, it preys upon:  “Host: moth larvae, including Hyphantria cunea (Fall Webworm).”  Did you have an allergic reaction to the sting or was your visit to the hospital a preventative one?

Thankfully my EpiPen kept me from having to bad of a reaction but it stung me where my collar bone is and it’s pretty tender and it’s got a good bit of swelling to it! Thanks for the info I’d never seen a wasp like this before.

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