Ichneumon: Therion morio

Subject: Help Please to Identify this lovely (wasp?) but
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
October 24, 2013 8:54 pm
Hi, yesterday I saw this little guy walking on my driveway and was intrigued with his colors. The shape generally reminds me of a wasp, but I could be miles wrong. His wings were black with a blue-ish/purple-ish sheen, and bright yellow antennae.
I hope the pic provides enough clues.
Signature: Brenda

Ichneumon:  Therion morio
Ichneumon: Therion morio

Dear Brenda,
This is a Parasitic Wasp known as an Ichneumon.  We are nearly certain it is
Therion morio, but that species generally has yellow legs.  See BugGuide for additional photos.

Thank you, Daniel. I’m shocked but very excited to get a response so quickly! I’ll check it out now.

Hi again Brenda,
Our very small staff is only able to post a few of the numerous requests we receive daily.  We try to choose from interesting subject lines when we begin reading submissions, and then we post those that we believe would most interest our readership.  Underrepresented species on our site, unusual sightings, timely sightings, interesting letters and beautiful photographs are just some of the criteria we use to select letters to post.  Sadly, we do not have the time to read every letter and submission.  Perhaps when we retire from the work force we will have more time to devote to What’s That Bug? which started so small many years ago in the previous millenium, and which has grown to a difficult to manage size over the years.

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