Ichneumon: Therion morio

Subject: Mud Dauber?
Location: Eakin Park, Fairfax, Virginia
June 28, 2016 6:14 am
Hi – I photographed this wasp yesterday, and after a good bit of searching, the closest match I can find is the Black and Yellow Mud Dauber, except this wasp has yellow, not black antennae. (It was clinging to some grass, and seemed to not be doing well, as it was barely moving.) Perhaps you can help with the ID? Thanks!
Signature: Seth

Therion morio
Therion morio

Dear Seth,
This is a parasitoid Ichneumon Wasp,
Therion morio, and according to BugGuide, the host insect is:  “moth larvae, including Hyphantria cunea (Fall Webworm).”

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