Hydrangea Sphinx and Spotted Apatelodes

moth identification
Hello! Thanks so much for your great webpage! I can usually identify moths on my own but I’m having trouble with a couple we found the other night in Black Mountain, NC. My friend took the following photos (feel free to use them on your site.) We’d love to know what they are. I can’t find this sphinx anywhere! Also, I didn’t see a hydrangea sphinx on your site so I thought you might like this photo, which does a great job showing their color. Thanks in advance!
Eliza & Richard

Spotted Apatelodes Hydrangea Sphinx

Hi Eliza and Richard,
Thank you for sending the Hydrangea Sphinx, Darapsa versicolor, photo to us. One of your unidentified moths is not a sphinx, but a a Spotted Apatelodes Moth, Apatelodes torrefacta. This moth ranges from Canada to the Southern state and west to the Mississippi River. It is relatively common in the Appalacian region. It is in the family Bombycidae (Silkworm Moths). The other moth will require some research from us, but sadly, we haven’t time right now.

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