Huntsman Spider, we believe

Huge Spider in Costa Rica
Location: Costa Rica near Arenal Volcano
November 3, 2011 9:27 pm
Hi. I’m wondering if you can help me identify this bug. It was in our hotel room in Costa Rica. We were staying at the Arenal Observatory, right next to the Arenal Volcano. It was late May/early June in the middle of the day.
Signature: Freaked Out!

Huntsman Spider, we believe

Dear Freaked Out!,
We are sorry to hear you have still not recovered from this six month old sighting.  We believe this is a Huntsman Spider and based on the pedipalps, we believe it is a male.  Huntsman Spiders do not build webs, but rather, they stalk their prey, often at night.

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  1. Is there anywhere on earth, that is both Tropical and 100% free of this god forsaken species of Spider. If I found a Huntsman spider of any size in my hotel room, I flat out would not be able to sleep for the rest of my trip. If I killed it or not is of no consequence because I know way too much about that family of spiders, to be as naive as to think that if I killed one in my room that I got them all. I mean come on, were talking about a species of spider that is responsible for 2000 car accidents a year in Australia, they bad ….. they real bad !!!


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